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NIPPON DENKA KOGYOSHO CO., LTD.: Environmental Policy
Basic philosophy
NIPPON DENKA KOGYOSHO CO., LTD. performs a business, always having preservation of global environment and prevention of contamination in mind, in order to maintain continuous prosperity of the future society, and continuous development of the company.
1. Prevention of contamination, continuous improvement, and compliance with the environmental laws and regulations
  We make efforts to prevent contamination and to improve the environment management system continuously, and also comply with the environmental laws and regulations, and requirements of the industry and regions, which we agree to.
2. Thorough reduction of dead stock
  Recognizing that every small part we are handling is produced by using vast resources and energy, we make efforts to remove causes of dead stock.
3. Proposal and instruction of environment-friendly products
  Our major business is the distribution of industrial electric equipments. Therefore, we promote sales of environment-friendly products, and propose and instruct the manufacturers to develop and produce environmental conservation products.
4. Effective use of resources and energy
  We thoroughly eliminate wasteful use of resources and energy around us.
5. Improvement of awareness of all employees
  We publicize our basic policy to all of the employees in order to improve awareness of global environmental preservation.
6. Disclosure
  This policy is disclosed as required.
Established in October 1, 2004