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Industrial plant equipment and systems
Control panel
Print-circuit board (PCB) Panel storage container
Design and manufacturing of control panels for various plants which need installation of PLCs and relay circuits Pattern design, board manufacturing, parts mounting, and product inspections for large and small PCBs mainly for industrial use Design and manufacturing of containers for storage of various measuring control panels (allowing vast reduction of field operations due to no need of observation room)
Power panel
Motor control center Pressure gauge panel
Design and manufacturing of large and small power supply panels for various types of load Power supply control panels for large and small motors A space-saving double-sided design is also available. Design and manufacturing of field monitoring instruments and electrical equipment panels
Sample gas conditioning panel for analyzer
Pressurized explosion-proof controller Power monitoring board
Design and manufacturing of various sample gas conditioning boards (incl. PLCs) for continuous gas analyzer Design and manufacturing of various explosion-proof electric boards, including Z-Purge control systems, used in dangerous areas of which degree of risk is relatively low Design and manufacturing of power and instrument monitoring boards for various plants
Control panel
Connection equipment
Measuring instrument and detector
Electric equipment material
Power supply equipment
Board and processed product
Operation equipment
Display equipment
Explosion-proof equipment
System engineering
Protection equipment

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